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Treading Carefully With Your Boss

Giving gifts to one’s boss can prove to be a very tedious undertaking, and yet it has become the accepted practice in the work place nowadays. Why do we do it? The relationship between employers and their subordinates has to be kept largely impersonal, to promote proper ethics at work. We all are humans and subsequently, social beings. Giving gifts to employers is, therefore, a key part of normal interactions in the office, especially if there is a celebration of a special occasion. 

Promotions, weddings, and anniversaries are good examples and a clear indication that we have to get adept at picking the right gifts for employers.

According to CBS News, it is important to steer clear of the sentimental items. The reason is that these gifts are personal and should therefore only be given to people close to oneself. Personal gifts are the exact opposite of what is expected in a workplace setting; that all employees will make as much effort as possible to ensure that their life issues do not interfere with their performance at work. Sentimental items are an intrusion of one’s personal space and may therefore not be appreciated. It is best to avoid gifts such as clothes and perfumes, CBS advice.

While staying away from personal gifts, it is also a good thing to avoid being too generic. Some wall hangings may end up collecting dust somewhere simply because your employer did not feel particularly appreciated on receiving these. However, do not shy away from such a gift if it is unique, and is something your boss would appreciate. The key to all this is putting some thought into it. Take note of their preferences, their patterns at work, what they are currently trying to achieve in their career and try to keep your choice well within these limits. 

Many may argue that gift cards are your savior when it comes to these situations. They can be picked to represent a person’s preferences and therefore spare you from being branded too impersonal. At the same time, they will not be intrusive of your employer's privacy as long as you pick the appropriate store. However, they do carry their disadvantage. They might end up unused especially if you have a very busy employer. They may also be frowned upon for making the recipient have to get a present themselves. There is also the question of how much should you spend? Given that the price screams from the top of the coupon, you might end up wondering what your boss will think if you spend too much, or if you spend too little. In the end, only you can make this choice for yourself, and only after weighing the situation carefully.

It is very important to keep in mind that the gift will always be a reflection on the type of person you are. Who knows? Maybe it could affect future relations with your boss. So always choose a classy gift and one that presents you as a professional employee but one who deals with the welfare of others in the office. 

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