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What Your Gift Registry Says About You

Gift registries have been hailed for their ability to make gift buying an easy process for whatever event they are designed for. No one could have said this better than Garth Brooks when he bought wedding presents for a couple right out of their registry, according to USA Today. They are registered at a store or several stores, and all that the gift buyers are expected to purchase is contained therein. They are especially appropriate for events such as weddings and baby showers. So what impression do your guests have of you when they go through your registry?

The most obvious unstated point is that you expect them to show up with or send gifts. That is the primary reason why the registry is made in the first place. The registry, therefore, causes them to feel obligated to you and those who do not buy gifts will most likely end up feeling guilty. 

The stores you select will also reflect on a few key things. One, the price of getting a gift at that store will be one of the first things that some guests will look at. This will determine whether they can afford to get you what is on your registry and if so, how many of a particular item they will buy. It would be a good idea to ensure that the store is well within their means. The type of store will also guide your guests as to the type of gifts you would like. This is important because it gives your guests a rough idea as to what you expect from them, and gives them room to pick what category of gifts to choose from.

The location of your stores is also one thing that will come into play during the entire shopping process. Picking stores that are closely located will look good on your part because it means that they will be able to shop for the gift easily. Choosing an online store means you are okay with the whole digital process, but it may not look good to those who are not tech-savvy. Picking stores with multiple outlets will be appreciated. 

The items themselves say a lot about their recipients. There are those who will have very specific requests, and this will evoke caution on the guests' part to ensure that they adhere to your wishes. On the other hand, it might appear cumbersome especially of the details are not easy to grasp. Overall, the items chosen will speak volumes about the recipients’ personalities.

Gift registries also provide a sort of description of what is to be expected at the event itself. A registry with expensive and lavish gifts will give guests the impression that the occasion will be an extravagant affair. The opposite also rings true. Events with no registry at all may be an indication that the hosts plan to keep the affair simple. 

Obviously, a lot of thought goes into coming up with a list of gifts expected, and although it may not be intended, guests pick up quite a few things from these lists.

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