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Sentimental Gifts That Trump Gift Coupons Every Time

Though we may not admit it, most of us feel happy when we get sentimental gifts from the special people in our lives. In recent times, gift coupons have become the in the thing, with many turning to them for a convenient and quick gift choice. Rampant as this may be, the sentimental presents retain their simplicity and their personal touch. There are a special few that have remained appropriate for long and are bound to be of value even in years to come.

1. The charm bracelet

Doubtless, this is one category of presents that remains dear to all even after such a long time. The reason is simple; they are a sign of some thought being put into a gift before someone passes it over to you. While most people choose to go for those sold in stores, it is better to make some extra effort and make one yourself as it will be comprised of charms that mean something to your intended recipient.

2. A scrapbook

Unlike a gift coupon, this is one item that cannot just be bought out of the retail store. This is because each set of memories enclosed in a scrapbook is unique and cannot be replicated by someone who did not live out the same memories. Scrapbooks are a sign that someone has been thinking about you and for a long time too because these gifts require some time to complete. The result is worth all the effort though.

3. A movie ticket bookmark

This is yet another gift that is bound to cause nostalgia. The idea is to make a bookmark using tickets from movies you have both been to. It will be touching when the other person sees that you have been keeping the tickets, and it will not hurt that they can go through the list of movies and remember how it felt to watch every one of them with you. 

4. Do-It-Yourself pillows


The best way to show you care for someone is by saying it every night before they go to sleep. Pillows do just that. You are at liberty to choose exactly what to write on top of the pillow, whether to include a picture of their favorite cartoon, and whether to make one out of the color they love most. Whichever way you choose to go, this gift is perfect in that it reminds them of something they love, and they get to see it every time they go to sleep.

5. A handcrafted wall hanging

This type of present works because of numerous reasons. One, you get to express your creativity and as with all hand-made gifts, add a personal touch while you’re at it. Also, it will act as a decorative piece on your loved one’s living room wall. In addition to that, it may serve to cover up a previously blank wall, making it a nice addition to one’s utilitarian pieces. All in all, you can never go wrong with this gift especially if your goal is to be sweet and at the same time thoughtful.

Sentimental gifts are best served hand-made. In this way, they will always have the edge over your usual gift coupon, in a world the New York Times has called materialistic.

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