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Precautions Gift Givers Should Take

In an age where the art of giving gifts has evolved in various ways, it is important to be on the look out to avoid disappointing a loved one. There are many ways in which choosing a gift can go wrong. With the arrival of online shopping, gift coupons, and with the pressure to choose a mind-blowing present, it is important that consumers keep the following in mind when picking gifts.

1. Look out for fake coupons

Recently, CNN ran a story about a fake offer that was aimed at getting people’s private information by offering them free coupons to use at Lowe. This is not the first time this has happened. It is therefore important that you look into such offers before deciding to get someone the coupon as a gift. Taking up the offer may cause you to lose money, or may make your intended recipient doubt your intentions when they receive a fake coupon.

2. Gift coupons may send the wrong message

While they are an easy option when confused about what gift to give a person, gift coupons may not always make the recipient happy. To start with, they may be a sign that you took the little effort to think of what the person might like and thus decided to have them make a choice themselves. Also, the other person may dislike the thought of having to go shopping themselves. It is therefore wise to choose coupons only when they would make the best option at the time.


3. Stick to the registry

When wedding bells are ringing, there is always one thing that the invitees have to grapple with; getting the newlyweds a wedding gift. Over time, couples have made the task easier by giving their friends a registry from which they can pick a gift to buy for the couple. Aside from ensuring that the same item is not bought twice, couples can tailor the registry to meet their needs so that the gifts can help them begin their new life. There are those of us who however feel that they should surprise the couple and buy a gift. While this may look like a good idea, you may be buying a gift that is not needed, and the couple may feel that their wishes have been disregarded. Before you pick a gift that is not in the registry, ask yourself; is it really necessary?

4. Finally, relax.

The process of giving a gift has become a cumbersome undertaking for most people with some fearing that they will pick the wrong item, or that it will not be appreciated. In the end, no one can guarantee that your gift will be well-received. Instead of fretting, enjoy the process and hope for the best. This will take away all the bad energy associated with gift-giving and chances are that you will end up making the right choice if you are not too worried about it.

All in all, buying a present should be fun, but make sure you put the other person’s feelings and preferences first. 

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