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Changes That Have Altered Gift Giving

Giving presents to family members and friends is a culture that has been practiced for ages now. The underlying principles that were part of gift-giving in the past are still being adhered to in this age. An example is the reciprocity of the entire process. To this day, people still give with the expectation of receiving, and recipients are always keen to ensure that a good turn is paid with another. There are however marked differences between gift giving in the past and gift-giving in the present day, and these differences have been as a result of marked changes in the course of time.

One causal factor for this difference that is hard to miss is the dawn of technology and its creations. These new inventions have now become some of the most exchanged gifts. At the top of the list we have mobile phones. Unlike in centuries past before cell phones were invented, people’s routines now rely heavily on these devices. There is therefore an increasing need to acquire these gadgets and as such, they are constantly given out as presents. Other similar inventions include laptops and other electronic devices which are now on high demand from consumers the world over.

The internet is also another development that has taken the world of gift-giving by storm. First, it provides a platform for manufacturers to advertise their products whenever the holidays are approaching, enabling the consumers to shop for gifts for their loved ones. Second is the advent of online shopping. Most of us are so used to online shopping such that we use it to shop for almost all our needs. And why not? It is easy and fast. Relatives can now order gifts online and have them delivered to their loved ones.

As the world grows at a fast pace, there is an increasing demand for the working class. At the same time, there is a growing pressure to find jobs and earn a living. The job market is quite competitive and as such, most people’s lives are very busy. This means that they cannot spend a lot of time picking out presents whenever there is a special occasion. This has led to many turning to gift coupons for an easy and quick way out of the entire process of picking presents. Convenience also dictates that gifts such as subscriptions to food deliveries are highly appreciated.

In an increasingly materialistic society, there is a gradual drift from sentimental gifts to the flashy and expensive alternatives. Over the recent Father’s Day celebrations, websites played host to many a gift advertisement offering the very latest in areas such as fashion, and technology. The Wall Street Journal is one such example, offering gifts to guarantee style upgrades for fathers. The gift buyers are slowly choosing to go with the latest electronics and trending fashion items of the day, over the good old sentimental gifts.

While the above evolutions have resulted in major changes on the gift-giving landscape, some factors seem to remain constant. For example, gender is still a major consideration when choosing gifts for different sexes. However, it is almost a guarantee that the needs of consumers-and thus the gifts they give and receive-will keep changing.

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