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Expensive Gifts and the Reasons Behind Them

Miranda Kerr was the trending topic just recently. A Fox News article reported that she received numerous diamonds from her now ex-boyfriend, bought with money that had been allegedly stolen. This is not the first of expensive gifts in the history of the world. It will also not be the last time someone showers another with gifts that cost a fortune. Decades have seen people receive very expensive items including forms of property such as land and buildings. The reasons behind exorbitant gift giving are as numerous as the grains of sand, but the habit can be analysed from several angles.

Funnily enough, most of these spending sprees involve women receiving expensive gifts from partners or prospective partners. Some may argue that this happens because men have been trying to win women’s hearts since time immemorial. This is a valid point, considering that these gifts reek of romantic innuendo.  Some may be of the view that since these individuals have a lot of money, they can spend some of it trying to woo their intended. Despite this, society continues to frown upon these obscene amounts of money pumped into the process of courting. Some of these women are also labelled ‘gold-diggers,' with society alleging that they only pick male partners with immense resources to benefit from these finances as well.

Expensive gifts are also used to obtain favours from those in influential positions. In the world of politics, for example, it is the well-endowed that can get their requests granted easily as compared to those with limited resources. In this way, such gifts may end up constituting bribes, if they are attained unlawfully. Expensive gifts can induce favours because some recipients may feel indebted, and therefore find it hard to turn away the giver of the gift when he/she requests to have something done.

Despite all this negativity, some expensive gifts are given out of sincere love for the recipient. Gift giving is one way of showing a person that you care for them. The reason these gifts raise an eyebrow is that they are obtained at exorbitant prices. Since the affairs of two people are usually kept between them, the reasons behind these expensive gifts can only be truly known by the two people involved, and the rest of society can only speculate from the side-lines.

The fact is that a lot of effort is put into obtaining these gifts. This craze with the most recent expensive item up for grabs is not likely to diminish soon. This is because today’s society has become obsessed with getting the biggest, the shiniest, or the newest, and these items are almost always extremely expensive. With the dawn of social media, the urge to compete has increased and as such, society is witnessing various people striving to outdo each other in a bid to acquire the label of one who is doing well in life. This guarantees that the practice is far from extinct. Unfortunately, gifts given with such motives lose their true value.

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