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Giving Gifts To Our Teachers

Teachers nurture and mould us into individuals who can impact on society after we leave school. They correct us when we go wrong, and never hesitate to guide us whenever we get lost along the way. They are always there to cheer us on whenever we are striving to succeed in one thing or the other. In short, teachers play many roles in our lives. It is; therefore, no surprise that whenever we have to part ways with them, we go out of our way to ensure that we leave them with a parting gift to thank them for their contribution to our success. So exactly what gift do they deserve?

Giving gifts to teachers at the end of the school year undoubtedly began as a way to show some gratitude to them. As a result, the aim was always to give something meaningful as a gift, perhaps one that would remind them of interactions they had with their students. In time, parents also began showing their appreciation by giving presents to the teacher. Soon enough though, this evolved into a competition with parents and students alike seeking to outdo each other by giving better or even more expensive gifts. Over the years, the presence began to become more common place and mundane, with customized mugs taking the lead on this one. According to The Telegraph, teachers have grown weary of receiving these items. Gifts have also become less personal, owing to the advent of gift coupons.

It is safe to state that the most heartfelt gestures are always those that carry something meaningful with them. That is the reason why sentimental gifts, however inexpensive, will always put a smile on the teacher’s face. Students could always get creative and craft something out of memory they have from their classes with the teacher. If they choose store-bought gifts, they should make a point of seeing to it that there is a special experience attached to the gesture, and their gift will be remembered for some time to come.

Despite the scowl at mundane gifts, there are presents that seem to always work for teachers, irrespective of the times given out. Students could choose to go with these, especially if their relationship with the teacher was an impersonal one. It is probably not a good idea to write a teacher a profound poem if your relationship with him or her has minimal interaction. That being said, one can almost always give a nice bouquet of flowers to appreciate a female teacher. Gifts such as pen holders may also work as long as the teacher has not received too many of them in the past!

In the end, the gift that matters most to teachers is seeing their pupils succeed. Nothing can tell them that they did their job better than success can. In the meantime, however, a small gift or a token of appreciation will do the job perfectly well. It is important to strike a balance between being personal and being too intrusive. By all means, stay away from the overdone presents to make sure that yours does not go in the trash can. 

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