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How To Give Books As Gifts

They enlighten, entertain, and inspire. Books are your final destination for a cold day indoors, a lazy day at the park, or a lengthy commute. So why not wrap all this goodness up and send it over to someone as a gift?  Because The New York Times is calling modern day gift giving materialistic, books might just be a perfect choice given their sentimentality. While it is not as easy as picking out a coupon and sending it over, books are worth the simple steps that one should take to ensure that they select the perfect book.

1. Pick the right genre

The sea of books available nowadays reaches to the ends of the earth, what with the availability of eBooks as well. Knowing what genre would be most relevant to a loved one would go a long way in ensuring that the book makes a long-lasting impact in their life. You can tell what they might like from their hobbies, what experiences they are having at the time, or by asking them for this information discreetly.

2. Choose between paperback, hardcover, or go digital

These categories are important to consider because each person has a preference when it comes to how they like to read their books. Hardcover books are perfect for those with an indoor library of their own. Paperbacks will work for the same reason too, and both of these types are good for carrying in one’s bag for a camp or a similar trip. EBooks are good for those individuals who are ever on their gadgets as it will be easy for them to read while carrying out other tasks. Either way, know your special one before choosing what to buy.

4. Know their favourite authors

This is a no-brainer. Few people will appreciate a book they can hardly get halfway through. Conversely, most of us love a good read by an author we have a pre-disposition towards. Make it a point to find out what author the other person loves to read. This will make choosing a whole lot easier because you can go ahead and pick coupon for that writer. Better yet, you can try and find out the author’s latest works and buy those.

3. Presentation is crucial

Many have called gift wrapping a lost art, but who says you should conform to society’s whims? The perfect wrapping can add to the excitement by making the other person speculate about what lies inside. It is also a sign that you decided to go a step further and liven up the present for the other person. They will be happy you took the time to wrap up a wonderful book in beautiful wrapping paper.

4. Memories make for a perfect surprise

Can you think of a book that could bring up memories of days past? If so, do not hesitate to take such a book into consideration, but only of the memories are nothing but good!

You can simply never go wrong with books, especially if the other person is an avid reader. And if all else fails, you could always go ahead and buy them a coupon for their favourite bookstore and let them do the choosing.

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