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Why Wrapping Gifts Still Matters

In the age of gift cards and online shopping, most people have foregone the process of wrapping a gift themselves, with most choosing to have it wrapped at the store, or to give up the wrapping altogether. This has led to many calling the process a lost art, and most finding the effort an unnecessary hurdle in the process of giving a gift. You may thus find yourself asking, why is it so important anyway? The following points may lead you towards an answer.

1. It stirs up your creativity

With the wide variety of wrapping paper, ribbons, boxes, bags, and colors one can pick for the process, wrapping a gift will allow you to bring out your artistic side and put it into use. The internet also houses a multitude of ideas, and as such, you are bound to have fun picking out whichever style you think will make your recipient smile. You can also choose to create your design from scratch and work towards bringing it to life. It is almost a guarantee that at the end, you will feel both stimulated and fulfilled.


2. It shows thoughtfulness

Taking the time to wrap a gift yourself is one way to send a good message to your recipient. Having a gift wrapped up by a professional takes minimal effort, and will also guarantee that your wrapping will be far from unique. On the inverse, wrapping the gift yourself will ensure that you do it in a way that will mean something to your recipient. It will also take some time and effort, and the person you send the gift too will feel that they were in your thoughts the whole time. The entirety of thoughtful gift giving according to the New York Times is a key part of social bonding.

3. It will add to your set of skills.

Wrapping a gift is hardly an easy task, and will take a little practice to master. Everyone feels accomplished when they learn something new and gift wrapping can always be one of those things. On a lazy day at home, you could always pick up a pair of scissors and some wrapping paper and ask someone to teach you, or look for instructions on the internet. You will be a happy learner at the end of the process, with one more skill added to the list of things you can do.

4. It is a way to bond with family

When events such as Christmas roll around, most households are thrown into frenzy with everyone striving to get a gift and have it wrapped up by the time the celebrations kick off. The process of wrapping gifts can serve to bring people together in piles of wrapping paper, ribbons, and tape. The inexperienced wrappers can pick up skills from those with practice, and ideas can be exchanged during the process. All in all, this will provide the family members or friends with an activity to carry out together. 

Next time you are giving a gift, why not do the wrapping yourself? At the end of it, you will ensure that your gift had a personal touch to it.

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